About Us

We refine administrative data.

Lean and Agile
The way PolitAnalytics works is based on the proven principles of lean (process-optimised) and agile (resource-optimised). In this way, we work in a focused and structured manner in order to use our resources efficiently to meet our clients’ needs.

By harnessing big data and machine learning, these cutting-edge tools monitor online transactions in real-time, swiftly detecting any emerging issues. Embracing cloud computing via software-as-a-service (SaaS), Reg-Tech facilitates seamless information sharing and offers a powerful solution through automation.

Open Government Data
We work with open government data from various countries and create a single source. Embracing the philosophy of open government data, we promote transparency, accountability, and value creation by making government data accessible and manageable.

Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team consisting of more than 20 employees from various fields; politics, public affairs, law, software development, design, startup, management and more. All our colleagues work remote, thus we are spread across Europe and north Africa.

Clemens Maria Schuster
Co-Founder, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors

In a previous life, classical philologist (Latin, ancient Greek), then made the hobby “Internet“ to his profession. Consultant for digital value creation and digitization. OpenData and transparency as a basis for economic sustainability. In the founding team of politik.ch with Thomas Gemperle since January 2017.

Nicolas Hebting

Studied law at the Universities of Zurich and Leiden and is involved in neighborhood help and the voluntary fire service. Plays 4gewinnt pretty well and Ligretto pretty badly. Has been active in the world of civic tech and startups since 2016.

Claudia Schori
Back Office Manager

Has a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and, as a former globetrotter, still likes to be on the road. Supports in all administrative and organisational matters and "manages the managers".  In her free time, she seeks a balance between excursions and time off.

Elise Beauverd

Communication Manager

Master's degree in applied linguistics and organisational communication and has been using politik.ch since 2018. After four years on the user side, she wants to use her experience and put her two cents in. Apart from sports, she is passionate about everything; cooking, history, travel, geopolitics, board games, cats and dogs - why choose?

Michael Thurm
Product Owner

Has an eye for the big picture and the small important things. Keeps track of three children, a flock of chickens and above all the product backlog of politik.ch. Used to be a journalist. Wrote his diploma thesis on Europe as a rhyzomatic being. Would write that again today. Writes user stories instead.

Andrés Vázquez Passfeld
Product Designer

As a designer and researcher, he finds every interaction of people and society with technology exciting. Especially in combination with politics. That’s why he is currently studying political science and sociology as his second degree. As a surfer and nature friend, he loves to spend his time in or near the water.

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